Our pragmatic approach


Flowerbed offers a menu of licenses and services. You can contact us for all questions about licenses and products from our friends, even if they have not been purchased from us. We simply want to help. We also offer additional services to implement, maintain or manage the software or hardware. With our extensive product knowledge and themed way of working according to best practices, you can expect a predictable end result from us. No surprises and exactly as agreed!

Our value proposition

At Flowerbed we strive for a trusted relationship in service with you. We are building a partnership on quality (operational excellence) in which we take the work out of your hands to a greater or lesser extent. We are happy to help in the process from unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent and all in between. Our aim is to work from a continuous improvement cycle.

Flowerbed Diensten

Our services for your organisation

For the best prices, choices in products or objective technical advice that best suits your organisations, you can ask for advice about all products from the manufacturers in our portfolio. We can often offer this via (one-off) purchase, via so-called Private Offers in AWS Marketplace or as a monthly service.

At Flowerbed we can help you with the right prices, the smart combination of parts and commercial bundles that you can take advantage of. Thanks to our partner status, we know how the manufacturer’s price list is structured and know the ways within their organisations. Whether this is for the purchase of new products or the extension of existing licenses that have not been purchased from Flowerbed. We will also advise on the right purchasing model; one-time purchase, in a price per month or using your own AWS Marketplace commitment.

This is your department if you are looking for our security specialists, cloud consultants or infrastructure colleagues. They can assist with the installation, project management and analysis of existing environments. You can also use our services if they have not been purchased from Flowerbed (preferably, of course).

If you want support more often and are scheduled periodically, you can use them as a Residential Engineer or for a health check, for example. This way we can share our colleagues with you.

The purchase and installation of a powerful security product is not enough to ensure the safety and compliance of your environment. After implementation, it is necessary to maintain and manage the solution and its related processes.

In many cases this aspect remains underexposed. Many organisations are not aware of the risks, such as:

  • Not being protected from the latest threats
  • Lack of security software on certain machines
  • Unnecessary management
  • Lack of insight
  • Not making the most of the product

We ensure that your systems remain up-to-date and guarantee proper functioning with guarantees and clear communication.