From cost item to investment

We want to make full use of hardware or software that is purchased and in use for our clients. Then it is an investment and no longer a cost item. It is our natural drive to think along and advise so that organisations have full control over their IT with a minimum of risks and maximum security. Of course for the right prices.

What does that cost?

At Flowerbed we can help you with the right prices for licenses, the smart combination of components and commercial bundles that you can take advantage of. Thanks to our partner status, we know how the manufacturer’s price list is structured and know the ways within their organisations. Whether this is for the purchase of new products or the extension of existing licenses that have not been purchased from Flowerbed. We will also advise on the right purchasing model; one-time purchase, in a price per month or using your own AWS Marketplace commitment.

Second opinion

If you want to be sure that the quotation from another supplier is the best and the right one is offered, we would still be happy to take a look. We will not be angry. We do this based on the conviction that a quotation is not the end station of a collaboration, but the beginning. Of course we cannot resist the temptation to show what we are capable of.

A license is just a license, right?

Why at Flowerbed

Obviously, purchasing licenses starts with the need to purchase, or the correct (form of) licenses! This requires a good understanding of the license structure, but especially also which licenses fit in the context of your IT environment. We are able, on the basis of thorough research (whether or not prior to a Health Check), to arrive at the right kit list. Particularly due to the direct, close relationship we have with our suppliers (friends of Flowerbed), we can shape this kit-list into the right optimal commercial bundle that is available or tailor a special bid together with the supplier.

Save on purchase

Of course, last-but-not-least, it is important that we can negotiate the best price for your organisation. This is only possible if we can also use the best discount tiers. The highest partner status and direct relationship with the supplier, in combination with the high volumes that we do in the BeNeLux market, guarantee you the best conditions for the products we carry. Do not just take our word for it, but give us the opportunity to demonstrate this.

The importance of successful implementation

Delivery of licenses is only the starting point to arrive at the real value of the purchase, namely proper use. Our engineers like to take action and are able to immediately act on a successful implementation after delivery. With a clear step-by-step plan fully focused on the delivery of a qualitative end product. You may also make us responsible for the success of the purchase of your licenses towards operational use of the product.

Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

We are no strangers to implementing a Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle around your purchase. In fact, we see these as necessary activities to achieve purchases that not only work well now, but also continue to do so optimally in the future. Flowerbed is the organisation with which you can work from purchase to proactive management. We are happy to help you ensure that the products perform optimally in the right way for a long time.

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