Plan, Do, Check & Act Cycle by Flowerbed

The purchase and installation of a powerful security product is not enough to ensure the security and compliance of your environment. After implementation, it is necessary to maintain and manage the solution and its related processes. In many cases this aspect remains underexposed. Many organisations are not aware of the risks.

"A security product can be powerful, but if maintenance and management are neglected, the organisation is still at risk!"
"A well-managed Security, Network or Cloud environment provides maximum security at minimal cost"

What do our Managed Services include?

Our Managed Services analyze the extent to which the environment meets the (latest) requirements and gives substance to safety and compliance. One of our specialists visits periodically to check, update and advise on the implemented solution. The following issues are addressed:

  • Discussing substantive findings from the management console and translating them into insight / actions
  • Monitoring of the current performance and further tuning of the environment
  • Advising on patches to be implemented based on Critical Patch updates from support
  • Advise on updates to higher versions
  • Complete advice on the status of the environment and answer all possible questions
  • On-site coaching / training of administrators on the operation of the solution
  • Assisting in compiling periodic security management reports based on findings
  • Maximizing the functionality present in the purchased licenses
  • Discuss newly released features and developments on the manufacturer’s roadmap
  • Support local security and / or management department
For which products are our Managed Services available?

Our Managed Service team is designed to maintain and manage all brands and products in our portfolio. They are trained and certified for this and SLAs are guaranteed with our processes and procedures. Our Topdesk ticket system gives our service customers insight into outstanding and historical tickets. If this is also your platform, we can link it for seamless ticket handling and reporting.

Trend Micro Managed Services

The Trend Micro Managed Service can be purchased in different bundles. Depending on the extent to which you as a customer can and want to manage the solution yourself, our services can be used as an extension.

  • Entry
  • Most popular
  • Complete
Most popular
Setup fee€ 1.750€ 2.500€ 3.500
Incident Management
Request Management
Change ManagementService CreditsService CreditsService Credits
License Management
Availability Management
Event Management
Release Management
Residential Engineer
Health Check
Advisory Consult
Service WindowBusiness hoursBusiness hours24 / 7
Priority 1 Response Time2 hours1 hour30 minutes
More infoMore infoMore info

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