Basic Service Contract

To support organisations in expanding their ability to manage their IT infrastructure, we provide you with a worry-free experience IT support. With our Basic Service Contract you have the right to contact the use of and request support on various topics related to products and services. Every working day of the week.

We offer support via quick and easy access by telephone, e-mail and a ticket platform (Topdesk). Support can relate to technical topics, but also non-technical such as advice on certain IT developments or licensing solutions. Our first line support can forward your requests to our product specialists and the status can be tracked in our ticket system.

Our support specialists have extensive knowledge and experience of services and products and handle support requests within guaranteed response times. They can quickly assign and schedule product specialists to keep resolution time as short as possible.

Service Credits

You can call us any time to ask questions about your IT environment related to the services we can deliver. All questions will be registered as tickets and those tickets we can handle within 15 minutes will all be included in our basic service.  

For hours spent on specific tickets, we offer our services through Service Credits. Billed in advance in bundles of 20 hours, so we can start solving potential problems right away without delaying administrative hassle. You will be informed monthly of the current status of the used and remaining Service Credits.

Service Manager

Once a year, our Service Manager assesses the services provided to your teams. To ensure that your experience with our support meets your criteria. Our Service Manager may of course also be approached in the meantime if you are not satisfied. This allows us to adjust quickly and we also get a little better every day.

The moment of purchasing the solution is only the starting point to prove the promise of the functionality. Ultimately, it must be implemented and maintained to ensure the security and compliance of your environment.

€ 500 per month

In many cases, there is sufficient general IT expertise available within your organization to handle the standard installation and maintenance of purchased products. But even in that scenario, it is often a lack of time and in-depth knowledge that requires 3rd line access to support. This shortage of time or in-depth knowledge can have various consequences in practice, including:

  • Not taking full advantage of the products
  • Not being informed of the latest developments on the purchased products
  • Problems with license compliance
  • Misconfiguration of the products leading to performance issues and security flaws
  • No maintenance, which leads to unnecessary security risks and downtime
  • Not having full control over the IT environment

Basic Service Contract

Benefits for you as a customer

  • Renewal of your 3rd line support
  • Transparency in ticket processing
  • Support & IT Management
  • Guaranteed response to tickets requiring quick action
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise within your organisation
  • Availability of Service Level Manager
Monthly fee€ 500
Incident ManagementService Credits
Request ManagementService Credits
Change ManagementService Credits
License Management-
Availability Management-
Event Management-
Release Management-
Residential EngineerService Credits
Health CheckService Credits
Advisory ConsultService Credits
Service WindowBusiness Hours
Priority 1 Response Time-