IT Security Healthcheck

Why an IT Security Healthcheck?

More and more companies are faced with cybercrime. The methods and techniques used are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. That is why it is important that IT security remains up-to-date in order to remain resilient against cybercrime. Even after the initial installation, it is good to periodically evaluate whether the security techniques used still offer sufficient protection. This is often forgotten or underestimated.

And that is why we offer this service.


IT Security Healthcheck of ditp

With this service, our specialists screen the entire IT security. This exposes weak spots, wrong configurations, settings or other vulnerabilities. It is also examined whether the quality of the security is sufficient. Based on the collected data, we will advise you on the steps to be taken. In this way you get a total picture of the status of the current security with the steps to be better prepared against cybercrime.


We perform the Health Check according to a fixed method, which identifies the best possible solution for a specific IT environment.

The moment of purchasing the solution is only the starting point to prove the promise of the functionality. Ultimately, it must be implemented and maintained in such a way that the security and compliance of your environment is guaranteed. You can purchase this service once or repeatedly via our Residential Engineer service and by means of a service credits.