Service Credits

Pay upfront or afterwards ?

We are happy to pay for the work that we are allowed to perform from our Professional Services for implementation, Health Checks or individual deployment of our specialists. For this we offer a choice between subsequent calculation or based on an hourly credit. Billed in advance in 40-hour bundles so we can start solving potential issues right away without slowing down administrative hassle. This way you have an edge over others and you will be helped just a little faster.

You will be informed monthly of the current status of the used and remaining Service Credits.

We offer support via quick and easy access by telephone, e-mail and a ticket platform (Topdesk). Support can relate to technical topics, but also non-technical such as advice on certain IT developments or licensing solutions. Our first line support can forward your requests to our product specialists and the status can be tracked in our ticket system.

Our support specialists have extensive knowledge and experience of services and products and handle support requests within guaranteed response times. They can quickly assign and schedule product specialists to keep resolution time as short as possible.

Service Manager

Once a year, our Service Manager assesses the services provided to your teams. To ensure that your experience with our support meets your criteria. Our Service Manager may of course also be approached in the meantime if you are not satisfied. This allows us to make quick adjustments and we also get a little better every day.

The moment of purchasing the solution is only the starting point to prove the promise of the functionality. Ultimately, it must be implemented and maintained in such a way that the security and compliance of your environment is guaranteed.

Service Credits