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Making choices can sometimes be quite difficult. This also applies to us and that is why we choose to focus on the solutions that we master, on which we are trained and certified (from front to back) and have practical experience with. Our friends help us with this and give our specialists the backing in support and product improvements. This way we keep up and the organisations we can help are assured of the best solution.

Online security is one of the most important things for organisations. Data must be stored in a secure manner and employees must have access in a secure manner, whether in the office or elsewhere.

Our Cybersecurity solutions provide insight and provide professional services to keep your systems healthy. With solutions from Fortinet, Tenable and Trend Micro, we ensure optimal security for your systems.

Right the first time; our motto to gain and maintain control over your Cloud infrastructure implementation through DevOps. We place the guardrails for your Cloud development, so that you can keep full control, work safely and remain compliant. As your Automation partner, we help you develop your platform and look together at how we can realize the growth of your infrastructure.

Without being properly connected, connectivity can be a burden. Our unique approach aims to serve customers with a centralized, efficient and well-managed end-to-end network, from office (and on-site workspace) to global connectivity.

Our specialists ensure that your systems remain connected, so that you do not experience delays in the development of your applications.

While we are all aware of the risk of being vulnerable, having the right tools to challenge the knowledge of your workforce and IT department is essential. Insight into your data is essential for this.

Flowerbed Engineering helps you to gain insight and thinks along with you at a strategic level to make your company even more efficient.

Our main goal is to reduce risk by organizing IT operations so that the end-to-end services delivered to your customers are clear, visible and understandable. That can be an overwhelming task, given the amount of potential risks. Through an extensive risk analysis that we carry out, you have all the information you need to make the right decisions that fit within your business plan.

Our experience in traffic management and knowledge about mobility in Public Transport makes Flowerbed Engineering your partner when it comes to mobility issues. Data is particularly important here. By providing insight into data and providing a platform where application development and management can be realized quickly and efficiently, we are able to support you in your projects.

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