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Mobility Solutions

The success of traffic and transport systems stands or falls with quality and stability. Travelers and road users must be able to trust that they are well informed before and during their journey, and that the systems “guide” them efficiently. Road authorities and traffic managers must be able to rely on the correct information to be able to take the necessary measures. The amount of systems, technology and connections that play a role in this is large, and the number of parties and suppliers involved is also increasing. Flowerbed knows the technology, the language and with our Mobility Solutions we can provide those insights.

Chain management

We have broad expertise in managing suppliers and integrating techniques, interfaces and IT, specifically within the domain of mobility. We are familiar with initiatives such as TalkingTraffic and the national Icentrale program and trends such as MaaS and / or achieving climate objectives. We help you prepare your IT landscape and make it manageable with our own developed Total Control Framework.

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Our many years of experience makes us your partner in the qualitative management of data flows within the domain of mobility. With Flowerbed’s Mobility Solutions, the quality of various data streams is correlated and validated to provide insight into the entire supply chain of this data.

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