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Risk Management

Modern networks are no longer limited to traditional IT resources. Instead, they also include cloud, operational technology (OT), container environments like Docker and Kubernetes, and web apps. This evolution of IT has resulted in organisations of all sizes experiencing increased risk and an extraordinary growth in the number of vulnerabilities in their networks.

Risk Management

Set the right priorities

This increased complexity has led to the fundamental data problem security teams face today: regardless of company size, they simply have far more vulnerabilities in their environment than they can ever handle. As a result, successfully reducing cyber risks means tackling four tough questions:

  • How and where is the organization exposed to risks? What should be the priorities for identifying and limiting risks?
  • What is the best way to operationalize risk management and track exposure over time?
  • How does someone’s organizational risk relate to the ones of his colleagues?

"The role of management is to convert a complex situation into small pieces and set priorities."

- Carlos Ghosn -

PDCA Cycle

We recommend setting up a continuous process for identifying vulnerabilities, limiting these risks and testing the IT environment against various compliance standards (ISO and financial standards such as PCI). Then you are attentive and you are able to answer the question: ‘how secure are we really?’

With our services such as Health Checks and solutions from Tenable for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, we set the bar high and offer organisations the next step in their Security Maturity model.

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