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Platform for Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing

Helping you deal with the ongoing problem of social engineering


Reference Tests
We offer reference tests to help you assess the Phish Prone™ percentage of your users using a free simulated phishing attack.


Train your users
The world’s largest library of content for security awareness training, including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.


Phish your users
Excellent, fully automated, simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates you can use unlimited and phishing templates from the user community.

View the results
Business reports with statistics and graphs about training and phishing attacks that could help your business get started. Show the amazing ROI!


Old-fashioned security awareness training is no longer enough. Are your employees regularly exposed to sophisticated phishing scams or ransomware attacks?

The Knowbe4 system really works

Thanks to KnowBe4’s huge database, we have nearly 4 million users for at least 12 months analyzed. Our 2020 research remains alarming. The overall initial benchmark of the Phish-Prone percentage in the industry is 37.9%. Fortunately, the data shows that this 37.9% within 90 days can be reduced to just 14.1% by providing innovative security awareness training.

The results after one year show that when this best practices are followed, the final Phish-Prone percentage can be reduced to an average of 4.7%. See how your company’s Phish-Prone rate compared to that of your competitors! The industry benchmark feature is included with your subscription.


Find out how effective the KnowBe4 awareness training is

KnowBe4 is the world's largest integrated awareness training platform combined with simulated phishing attacks. Like tens of thousands of other customers, mobilize your end users as a last line of defense.

KnowBe4 Platform


Unlimited use
We offer three levels of access to the training, where, based on your subscription level, you can access gets to our content library with over 1000 items. Enjoy unlimited access to all phishing features with flexible licensing. There are no artificial license limits and an exceedance of 10% is allowed. 

Engaging, interactive browser training
The interactive training is not only educational, but also fun and interesting. Your users can view the whole training interface in the language of their preference, so that the training experience becomes more immersive. The optional configurable gamification feature allows users to use the compete against their peers via leaderboards and to earn badges while learning how to use their organization against cyber attacks.

Brand Content
This self-service feature provides the option to customize custom branded content at the beginning and end of certain KnowBe4 training modules. You can brand elements of your organization, including your logo, custom graphics and corporate colors.

Upload your own content
Would you like to supplement the content of your KnowBe4 security awareness training with the custom training from your organization or with other business training content? You can create your own SCORM-compatible upload training and video content and share it with your Manage KnowBe4 ModStore training, and all that in one place and at no additional cost!


Find out how your users are doing in terms of security knowledge and culture. Use the skills assessments and security culture survey to assess the security knowledge of your users to measure and track, and to find out how your users view a security culture.


Custom Phishing Templates and Landing Pages
We offer thousands of user-friendly system templates. You can also customize scenarios based on personal data and you can use simulated add attachments to create your own targeted spearphishing campaigns. Any phishing email template can have their own custom landing page, allowing specific weaknesses to be addressed.


Phish Alert Button
KnowBe4’s Phish Alert button provides your users a secure way to get the security team to analyze email threats and delete the email from the user’s inbox to avoid future risks. And that with just one click!


Detect social engineering
Our patented technology changes every simulated phishing email in a tool that the IT team can use to dynamically train employees by immediately showing which warning signs they missed in that email.


User management
KnowBe4’s Active Directory integration sets you up, to be able to easily upload user data and saves you time because user changes no longer have to be managed manually. In addition you can use the Smart Groups feature on phishing campaigns, training assignments and learning process to change and automate the process based on behavior of your employees and user characteristics.

Security roles
Allows you to create an unlimited number of combinations of define level access and management capabilities for specific user groups. Thanks to delegate permissions you can only show specific data for certain roles or you can use phishing, training and user management only for a specific group switch.


Advanced reporting function
The 60+ built-in reports provide overall pictures and detailed reporting on your key awareness training indicators over time. Use reporting APIs to extract data from the Get KnowBe4 console. In the case of several accounts you can easily manage with Roll-Up Reporting view aggregated results.


Virtual Risk Officer™
The innovative VRO function (Virtual Risk Officer) helps you determine risks at user, group and company level and enables you to make data-driven decisions regarding your security awareness plan.

When you train your users and phishing attacks unleashed on them, users will send emails they like considered dangerous, with the responsible team report. The increase in this e-mail traffic… can happen again pose a new problem! PhishER, an optional add-on for managing the high count posts reported by your users helps you detect and remediate email threats faster.

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