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Understand your risks and know which vulnerabilities to solve first with our Tenable solutions.

Get a risk-based overview of your entire attack surface – from IT to cloud to containers – so you can quickly identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Managed in the cloud and powered by Nessus technology, Tenable provides you with the industry’s most comprehensive coverage of vulnerabilities with the ability to predict which vulnerabilities to resolve first. It is your complete end-to-end vulnerability management solution.


Introduction of the Cyber Exposure Lifecycle

Cyber Exposure Management is an emerging discipline that allows you to see, predict and address risks across your entire attack surface. Based on the fundamentals of risk-based vulnerability management, Cyber Exposure Management’s best practices introduce a common risk-focused metrics-based language that everyone understands – from security and IT operations to executive leadership and key stakeholders.

Cyber Exposure unites your security goals with your business goals. It enables you to make more informed decisions based on addressing risk and driving improvements by measuring and comparing key security metrics.

View everything

Good security starts with full and continuous visibility of your modern attack surface, including cloud services, operational technologies, modern web apps and a growing remote workforce. But since nearly half of security leaders report that their security organizations lack a holistic understanding and assessment of their entire attack surface, many struggle to identify all potential exposure points. To address this, Tenable has built the widest assessment capabilities, with market-leading coverage.

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– Full visibility of your entire attack surface

– Extensive assessment capabilities designed for different types of assets

– Ongoing evaluation of cloud assets using cloud-native technologies

– Market-leading vulnerability coverage developed by Tenable research

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Predict what matters

In current vulnerability priority processes, more than half of new vulnerabilities are rated high or critical, but only 8% of those vulnerabilities have a public exploit available, and only a fraction of these are used in attacks. Distinguishing between problems that don’t pose a risk and predicting those that do is critical to addressing the recovery burden that operational teams face.

By continuously analyzing more than 20 trillion aspects of threat, vulnerability and asset information with machine learning algorithms, exposure.ai enables your organisation to focus first on the issues that matter most, automatically prioritizing vulnerabilities that actively target the assets that pose the greatest risk to your business.

– Limit recovery efforts by focusing first on the risks that matter most

– Automate prioritization with prediction to proactively address vulnerabilities

– Have a clear understanding of asset criticality and value to your business

Act to address the risks

Finally, tackle risks across your entire attack surface. The Tenable Cyber Exposure Platform translates raw technical data into business insights that you can use. Calculate, communicate and compare your overall exposure and effectiveness in addressing identified problem.

Imagine being able to measure your cyber risk with one easy to understand and defensible score. Tenable’s Cyber Exposure Score (CES) is an objective measure of cyber risk, automatically calculated based on the threats of vulnerabilities discovered, the likelihood that attackers can exploit the vulnerability, the criticality of the affected asset and the predicted impact if the attack is successful.

Calculated for every asset, every asset group and across your organisation, Cyber Exposure Scores enable you to internally track, trend and compare cyber risks across different business units and benchmark externally with peers – ensuring company-aligned security leaders make strategic be able to make decisions about where best to spend resources on tackling cyber risks.

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Vulnerability Management

Make the greatest impact on risk with the least amount of effort.


Reduce risks and secure operations in a rapidly converging IT / OT world.


Discover, assess, prioritize, remediate and measure every activity in your cloud environments.

Application Security

Integrate security into the software development lifecycle.

How we can onboard you in a Cyber Exposure Lifecycle

Tenable Silver partner

We do not like to stand still and learn every day. Flowerbed’s security engineers are trained and certified for the complete Tenable portfolio. This way you are assured of the right knowledge and best implementations. We are happy to verify your existing installation if you have purchased Tenable products elsewhere. With our healthcheck we provide the MOT for the systems.

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